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Marzenna Jakubczak

Marzenna Jakubczak is Associate Professor of philosophy at the Pedagogical University of Krakow, Poland. She is also editor-in-chief of Argument: Biannual Philosophical Journal (ISSN 2084-1043). Her main interests are in classical Indian philosophy, especially Sāṃkhya-Yoga tradition, comparative philosophy and religion, philosophy of culture, contemporary philosophy of mind, and gender studies. She has authored, co-authored and edited several volumes on Indian philosophy and culture, including Philosophy and Literature: Generation and Transformation in Gender and Postdependency Discourse (2012; co-ed. Urszula Chowaniec); Subjectivity and Self-knowledge (2011); ‘Earth’, in: Aesthetics of the Four Elements (2001). She has also published over 90 articles, translations and other contributions in Polish and in English, including: ‘What is the Sense of Ego-Maker in Classical Sāṃkhya and Yoga?’, in: Psychology & Psychoanalysis, ed. Girishwar Misra (2013); ‘Why didn’t Siddhartha Gautama become a Samkhya philosopher, after all?’, in: Hindu and Buddhist Ideas in Dialogue. Self and No-Self, eds. Irina Kuznetsova, Jonardon Ganeri, Chakravarthi Ram-Prasad (2012); ‘The Collision of Language and Metaphysics in the Search for Self-Identity: On ahaṃkāra and asmitā in Sāṃkhya-Yoga, Argument: Biannual Philosophical Journal (2011, vol. 1/1); ‘Towards Knowing Ourselves: Classical Yoga Perspective’, Journal of Human Values (2004, vol. 10/2).