Gnosis Journal

(An International Journal of English Language and Literature)
Included in the UGC Approved List of Journals
with Journal Number 48815

Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

We accept original theoretical or research articles, book reviews, interviews, poems and short fictions as electronic submissions via e-mail as attached documents (Microsoft word only). All manuscripts must be in Font Times New Roman, Size: 12, Line spacing: Single spaced and submitted only as MS Word 2007/ 2010.  All manuscripts should strictly follow the MLA 8th Edition Style of Citation. The documents must include name and affiliation details in the body of your submission.  Submission must be in single attachment. Subject line must be Submission of Poem/ Fiction/ Article etc. Submission e-mail must include the statement claiming that you have read the submission guidelines, you agree to the policy of the journal and that the submission is original and does not contain plagiarized material.


Format of the Research Papers:

 Authors are requested to strictly follow the MLA 8th Edition style while preparing the articles. Authors are also requested to include the following in the format of their articles:

1. Full title with subtitle, if any. Times New Roman font, size 14, bold (not all capital letters)

2. Name and affiliation of the author/s.

3. An abstract of the article of about 200-250 words along with 4-5 Keywords.

4. Authors should note that the main body of the text should be prepared in such a way that no formatting is needed afterwards. Heading, sub headings and illustrations should be well incorporated within the main body of the article. Times New Roman font, size 12 and justified.

5. The word-limit for Research paper is 3500 words inclusive of  Abstract and Works Cited.

6. All portions of the articles should be single-line spaced.

7. Author should be careful regarding grammatical and typographical errors.

8. All essays submitted must be in English for review.

9. Plagiarism report of the Research paper duly checked in plagiarism software like Urkund, Viper, Turn it in etc. 


Note: Do not decorate your submission with lines, borders, special characters etc., which may lead to rejection.


Fiction and Poetry

Our mission is to publish the finest fiction (up to 2,000 words). There are no restrictions on subjects and themes. For poetry, we aim to publish challenging and engaging works by both established and emerging poets.

Please note:

            Fiction: Submit one piece at one time.
            Poetry: Submit up to three poems at one time.
                     Include a short third-person biographical note in your submission.
                     Only previously unpublished works are considered.


Response time: One month after the deadline for respective Issues. This applicable only to accepted submissions.




GNOSIS (An International Journal of English Language & Literature) is entitled to publish submitted work in any form (online or in print). The editor can also reproduce the submission in any form (book/ anthology) and authors will be reported about the publication in other form. We allow our authors flexible rights to republish and reproduce and distribute their published contents with third parties anywhere in any format on the following conditions:

1. The authors will inform the editor about the intended republication or reproduction by third parties by sending a signed letter.

2. The authors will acknowledge credits to GNOSIS (An International Journal of English Language & Literature)as the first publisher in their works.


Plagiarism Policy:

 By submitting paper for publication to the journal, you as contributor/ author/ co-author state  that:

1) You are fully aware that plagiarism is wrong and you know that
plagiarism is the use of another person’s idea or published work and
pretend that it is one’s own.

2)      You declare that each contribution to your work from other people's
published or unpublished sources have been acknowledged and the source of
information have been referenced.

3) You certify that you will not allow anyone to copy your work
with the intention of passing it off as his/her own work.

4) You certify that you are solely responsible for any incomplete
reference that may remain in your work.