Gnosis Journal

(An International Journal of English Language and Literature)
Included in the UGC Approved List of Journals
with Journal Number 48815

Saikat Banerjee

Dr. Saikat Banerjee is Faculty of English in Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, St. Theresa International College, Thailand. He is the editor of the journal GNOSIS (An International Journal of English Language & Literature).He is a life member of FCT (Forum For Contemporary Theory) Baroda,. GIEWEC (Guild of Indian Writers, Editors & Critics), and RASE (Rajasthan Association for Studies in English) and has participated in many National and International seminars and conferences and is actively engaged in research work. He has authored 2 books. He has presented and published several research papers in journals of world repute. His areas of interest are British Literature, Indian Literature, Post-colonial Literature, Gender studies and British, American & Indian Short story writings. He is the Director of Rajasthan for OHREO (Our Human Rights and Educational Organisation) He is also the guest author for Udaipur Times, a daily e-newspaper.